This site is created by the people who have been influenced by the thoughts of Swami Sachchidanandji and who wish to share them with others. Readers are welcome to share their thoughts regarding any of Swamiji’s pravachan or book on this website but since Swami Sachchidanandji is not directly associated with this website any questions, emails or queries directed to him cannot be answered. If you wish to contact Swamiji, you can contact him at one of the ‘Ashram’.

ભક્તિનિકેતન આશ્રમ
પો.ઓ. નં. ૧૯, દંતાલી ૩૮૮૪૫૦
તા. પેટલાદ
ફોન: ૦૨૬૯૭-૨૫૨૪૮૦

(જિ. ગાંધીનગર)
ફોન: ૦૭૯-૨૩૨૭૬૨૨૬
પાટણ રોડ,
ઊંઝા ૩૮૪૧૭૦
(જિ. મહેસાણા)
ફોન: ૦૨૭૬૭-૨૫૪૪૮૩

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